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ReadHear™ PC FAQ


Can I use other TTS voices with ReadHear™ PC?

ReadHear™ PC will use any Microsoft Speech API compatible text-to-speech voice. Such voices are available from a variety of vendors including Nuance, Cepstral, and Neospeech. You can purchase Nuance voices directly from gh for use with ReadHear™ PC.

Does ReadHear™ PC support network activation?

Versions 2.2 and above of gh PLAYER™ (now ReadHear™ PC) will support "roaming activation." You may install ReadHear™ PC on multiple computers so long as only one copy is activated. To move the activation to another computer, simply select "Deactivate now" on the activated copy then select "Activate now" on the other computer.

Can I install ReadHear™ PC on more than one computer?

Yes, however, only one copy at a time can be activated.

Can I read Word documents with ReadHear™ PC?

Yes, the Premium Edition of ReadHear™ PC supports this feature. You can save the document as a text file and import it into the player. Alternatively, you can install the free "Save as DAISY" add-in from Microsoft and convert the Word document to a DAISY XML file. ReadHear™ PC will directly open DAISY XML files.

Can I read webpages with ReadHear™ PC?

You must save the webpage as a text file, then open it in the player.

How do I get my paper document into ReadHear™ PC?

You may scan the document and save it as a text file. ReadHear™ PC will directly open text files. Almost all scanners come with bundled software to convert the document into a text file.

How do I get updates to ReadHear™ PC

ReadHear™ PC has a built-in function for updates and will automatically download and configure any and all new updates.

My ReadHear™ PC has expired, how do I activate it?

You will need to purchase a Product Activation Key from gh. Please contact us via telephone or e-mail and we will be pleased to assist you.

Where do I get DAISY books?

There are multiple options to obtaining DAISY books for use in ReadHear™ PC. The first solution is to create your own: just open any compatible file in ReadHear™ PC and save it as a DAISY book for later use! Also, many libraries and subscription services offer DAISY books. As a short listing, Learning Ally, Bookshare, and Project Gutenberg are good places to start. Local libraries also offer DAISY books to their patrons.

Publishers are also starting to offer DAISY books for purchase alongside their hardcopy counterparts. For example, please visit the American Chemical Society's web store to see Chemistry in the Community (ChemCom) available for purchase as a Digital Talking Book.

We also provide a number of sample DAISY books in our download section.

Can I read books from Learning Ally, Bookshare, or the National Library Service (NLS)?

ReadHear™ PC will read books from Learning Ally and Bookshare. For Learning Ally, you must contact their member services and download Learning Ally ReadHear™ by gh for either a Mac or PC. For Bookshare you must use their unpacking tool after downloading a book from their website. The NLS has restricted their books to hardware DAISY Players; ReadHear™ PC will not read them.

Can I upgrade from Professional Edition to the Premium?

Yes! Please contact our Sales department at sales@gh-accessibility.com or (866) 693-3687 ext. 202 for pricing information.

What are the system requirements for the ReadHear™ PC?

The following system requirements apply to both ReadHear™ PC Premium and Professional:

  • Pentium II Processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000 (Windows XP or Windows Vista recommended)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0
  • SAPI 5.1 Text-To-Speech engine, automatically installed by Windows (required for speech output)
  • Sound card (required for speech output)