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gh, LLC creates assistive technology solutions that help people with print disabilities access information—whether the source is a textbook, publication, standardized test, or website. Through the use of universal design concepts, gh combines innovative and expert knowledge in disabilities to provide a wide range of technology-based products and media conversion services.

Discontinued: ReadHear, ClickHear, and MathHear

As of July 9, 2018, we are discontinuing the retail versions of our software applications, including ReadHear (PC and Mac), ClickHear Mobile, and MathHear.

We are continuing to develop new technologies for online information accessibility, with a focus on mobile, cloud-based, and enterprise solutions. Due to these efforts, we are unable to continue to devote resources to our legacy software products, which are largely obsolete at this point.

Technical support for retail ReadHear, ClickHear, and MathHear will end on August 1, 2018. Purchased and installed versions of the software will continue to work, but no further patches will be released for new operating system updates. Enterprise and institutional licensees will receive continued support according to the terms of the

Owners of subscription-based applications will be able to use the software until the subscription runs out. Owners of licensed software will be able to use the software as it is currently installed. However, we do not recommend reinstalling the software, as no support will be available for problems with activation codes or installations.

 If you have any questions concerning these discontinued products, please contact us at: support@seewritehear.com. 

Accessibility and Compliance

We offer a variety of products and services designed to meet your customers’ needs. Whether providing Braille, Large Print, and Digital Talking Books, or designing custom applications tailored to your specifications, gh delivers solutions that meet compliance requirements for your organization. By complying with these standards, all your employees and customers will have equal access.

Need Something Custom?

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Let our experienced staff produce a customized project to suit your needs. Contact sales at sales@gh-accessibility.com or call toll free 866-693-3687 ext. 202.

You can also visit the Products and Services pages for more details.

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